Sisters of St. Joseph

1725 Brentwood Road. Brentwood, NY, 11717 US / NY

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Location Description

211 acres with architecture dating from the early 1900's. Several interesting and beautiful buildings on the property, including but not limited to St. Joseph's Academy building (former boarding school) and Sacred Heart Chapel. Expansive fields, abundant pine trees and during the Spring and Summer months lush gardens, orchards and an organic farm.

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Location Category

  • AGRICULTURE - Fields, Pastures, Meadows
  • AUDITORIUMS / THEATERS - [general]
  • GARDENS - [general]
  • RELIGIOUS - Chapels
  • SCHOOLS - [general]

Architecture Style

  • Period 1900s - 1910s
  • Period 1920s - 1930s
  • Period 1940s / WWII