Battleship USS IOWA - 5" gun director.Battleship USS IOWA - Exterior walkway on bridge.Battleship USS IOWA - Chief Petty Officers lounge.Battleship USS IOWA - Enlisted mess.  An officers mess is also available.Battleship USS IOWA - Galley / kitchen with steam kettles.Battleship USS IOWA - Captains cabin lounge area.Battleship USS IOWA - President's bath tub.Battleship USS IOWA - Armored bridge.Battleship USS IOWA - Radio room.  Also available is fire control with 1940's computers.Battleship USS IOWA - Standard officer's stateroom.Battleship USS IOWA - Standard enlisted berthing.Battleship USS IOWA - Combat Engagement Center.Battleship USS IOWA - Combat Engagement Center.Battleship USS IOWA - Inside a turret.Battleship USS IOWA - Chaff launchers on the exterior decks.Battleship USS IOWA - Broadway (3rd deck passageway) with 4 enginerooms, 4 firerooms.Battleship USS IOWA - Engineroom 4.Battleship USS IOWA - Fireroom 4.Battleship USS IOWA - Berth 87 at the L.A. Waterfront in the active Port of Los Angeles channel.Battleship USS IOWA - Port side shot of the IOWA at Berth 87.Battleship USS IOWA - Pierside at Berth 87 looking down from the IOWA.Battleship USS IOWA - Pierside shot towards the ship.Battleship USS IOWA - From the bow looking back towards the big 16' guns.Battleship USS IOWA - Turret 3 guns on the fantail.Battleship USS IOWA - Entry to captains cabin.