ASM International Headquarters and Geodesic Dome

Russell, OH, 44073 US / OH

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Home to the headquarters of ASM International, the world’s largest materials science and engineering nonprofit, this striking mid-century modern structure is surrounded by the world’s largest open-work geodesic dome. The headquarters building, which is semi-circular in shape and aligned with the western perimeter of the dome, is 50,000 sq. ft. in size. The open air lattice dome is of exceptional architectural detail, consisting of 65,000 pieces of extruded aluminum tubes and rods. The dome rises 103 ft. above the ground and stretches 274 ft. across. Originally constructed in 1959 and recently rehabilitated into a nationally recognized and award winning office space, the structure stands as an iconic symbol of modern architecture and technological innovation throughout the world. It was designed by Cleveland architect John Terence Kelly and world-famous mathematician, philosopher, and visionary R. Buckminster Fuller. ASM originally stood for the American Society of Metals, and under the dome lies a meticulously landscaped garden featuring metals and minerals from the earth, in addition to the glass crescent-shaped building. The retro-futurism of this structure is beautifully set off by its natural surroundings; 45 acres of rolling lawns and pine forests in the countryside of Geauga County. The interior of the building keeps in line with mid-century futurism with features like metal-and-glass open stairwells, sleek, mod furniture, and historical artwork throughout. Video of interior and exterior: http://www.preservationnation.org/take-action/awards/2012-national-preservation-awards/asm-international.html

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  • 21st Cent / Contemporary