Pleasantdale Chateau - Exterior and Grounds

757 Eagle Rock Ave. West Orange, NJ, US / NJ

Location Description

Pleasantdale Chateau and Conference Resort traces its beginnings to 1912, when the property was acquired by Dr. Charles W. Nichols of Allied Chemical & Dye Corporation. The Nichols family enjoyed the property as a summer weekend retreat, occupying a small farmhouse that was later moved into the woods to the rear of today's Main House. During the 1920's, Dr. Nichols and architect Augustus N. Allen began making plans for the permanent residence, which was completed in 1933. The dominant style of the house is French Norman, but various other styles are reflected as well. For example, 15th century floor tiles from a palace in Seville, Spain adorn the main entrance hall. Dr. Nichols used the primary residence as a gentleman farmer until his death in 1963, when it was acquired by the Corporation. The Knowles family, proprietors of The Manor, Highlawn Pavilion, and Ram's Head Inn, acquired the property in 1995. As a truly one-of-a-kind, self-contained estate, Pleasantdale Chateau’s individualized spaces help establish a grand setting for on-location shooting. The historic architecture, refined details and dramatic ambiance lend an extra depth to every situation. Whether a contemporary styled-shoot for an international magazine or a period-piece for a major motion picture, the Chateau and the surrounding estate offers a multitude of options for building a story. The exquisitely manicured grounds, unique rooms, and timeless beauty of Pleasantdale Chateau provides a broad range of varied backdrops for both exterior and interior shoots, all in one easily accessible, but discreet, location. Situated on 40 acres of woodlands, meadows , formal gardens, and ponds, Pleasantdale Chateau is an ideal choice for high-fashion photography as well as video and film settings. It provides the privacy and discernment that filmmakers seek out. The advantages of shooting on a secluded estate soon become clear as the privacy it allows makes for a much more convivial environment in which to shoot. The professional staff is experienced and well-equipped to work with location managers and production companies to facilitate no-hassle and streamlined coordination of filming schedules and requests. Having hosted countless production teams, our staff helps to make managing on-location shooting a seamless endeavor. Pleasantdale Chateau has welcomed a variety of major motion pictures and television productions.

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