Kimpton Fitzroy Hotel

1-8 Russell Square. London, ENG, WC1B 5BE GB / ENG

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Location Description

The Kimpton Fitzroy Hotel is a 19th-century jewel, preserved with contemporary amenities and decor. The historic, red-brick exterior occupies a full block along the eastern side of Russell Square in Bloomsbury. the interiors feature an entryway with stunning, original mosaic floors and a fireplace, a reception area, coffee shop, restaurant, terrace and several gorgeous bars. There are also multiple corridors with unique room doors and red rope detailing. The rooms and suites are also impeccably styled with modern furnishings and tasteful accessorises that maximise the unique floorplans. For more information, please enquire at locations@filmfixer.co.uk [Privlocs, Refcl]

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Location Category

  • ACCOMMODATIONS - Resorts / Retreats / Spas
  • BARS - Hotel Bars / Lounges
  • BARS - Jazz Clubs
  • RESTAURANTS / EATERIES - [general]

Architecture Style

  • Art Deco
  • Period 1920s - 1930s
  • Victorian