Victorian pub in Harringay

Green Lanes. London, ENG, N4 GB / ENG

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Location Description

This stunning building is an incredible example of a fully functioning lavish Victorian pub. Built in the 1890s, the venue retains the glorious original features of the period. Elaborate ironwork over the entrances and the beautifully abundant tiling and decorative mirrors in the porches give a taste of what is to be experienced within. A stunning stained glass skylight adorns the back room that houses an open kitchen, and ornate mosaic floors, plaster and woodwork, pillars and stone are spread throughout the vast interior. The pub is closed until 4pm on weekdays offering an opportunity for early morning to mid afternoon shoots. Shoots of all scale are welcome as well as hire for green room space, crew / SA holding and wardrobe / hair and make-up. FilmFixer manage Haringey Film Office meaning the Finsbury Park unit base and council parking bay suspensions can be booked easily. To enquire, please contact locations@filmfixer.co.uk or call 020 3904 4545. [TAGS: Privlocs]

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Location Category

  • BARS - Breweries / Alehouse / Gastropubs / Micros
  • BARS - Hotel Bars / Lounges
  • BARS - Taverns / Pubs
  • RESTAURANTS / EATERIES - Upscale / Fine Dining

Architecture Style

  • Period 1800s