North-West London offices, sets & unit base

Barnet. London, ENG, NW7 GB / ENG

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Location Description

This brand new film and TV studio in Barnet is close to the North Circular and M1. Several sets exist on site including a a hospital ward, a hair salon / barbers, commercial sized toilets, showers, canteen, kitchens, gym and swimming pool changing rooms and a bank vault. Upstairs sit 100,000sqft of production office space and board rooms - the offices could be used for shooting too with a variety of styles from 80s to 90s to 00s. The site covers nearly 5 acres and includes its own private woodland plus has five studios ranging from 5,300 to 13,700 sqft - all of which can be adapted upon request and be used for set builds or warehouse shooting. The building has multiple vehicle access points throughout with ample parking spaces for cars plus a unit base and an underground car park. Goods lifts and a 2,500amp electrical supply are additional benefits as well as dedicated wardrobe, make-up and green rooms. Commercial applications only. To enquire, please contact locations@filmfixer.co.uk or call 020 3904 4545.

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Location Category

  • BUSINESSES / BUILDINGS - Barbershops / Salons
  • BUSINESSES / BUILDINGS - Offices / Office Buildings
  • BUSINESSES / BUILDINGS - Woodworking / Cabinets
  • HOSPITALS / MEDICAL - [general]
  • RESTAURANTS / EATERIES - Cafeterias / Food Courts

Architecture Style

  • Contemporary / 21st Cent
  • Period 1990s