Alexandra & Ainsworth Estate Shop

London, ENG, NW8 0SN GB / ENG

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Location Description

This former shop on the Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate in Swiss Cottage (Borough of Camden) has now been converted into an artist studio with limitless potential. The large open space, shop windows, and wall of windows in the back all enhance the space's versatility. This location could easily function as a shop, an office space, police station, art gallery, green studio and more. Its ideal location also allows this space to serve as a green room space for shoots on the Estate itself should the TRA Hall be unavailable. Additionally, a goods lift also allows for direct access to and from the parking area below. For more information, please email locations@filmfixer.co.uk or call 020 3904 4545. [TAGS: Privlocs]

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  • AUDITORIUMS / THEATERS - Arts Centers / Stages
  • AUDITORIUMS / THEATERS - Meeting Rooms
  • STORES / SHOPS - [general]
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Architecture Style

  • Contemporary / 21st Cent