Second Home London Fields

125-127 Mare Street. London, ENG, E8 3SJ GB / ENG

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Location Description

In addition to the mid century flare, Second Home London Fields features many unique architectural details from iron staircase rails to old stone columns. The façade of the building is a huge translucent panel punctuated by circular openings and is made from the fluorine based plastic EFTE. This location also has numerous meeting rooms that are perfect for filming or green room space, several large office spaces, a popular café and access to a roof terrace with breath taking views of the City. Also included is a large multi purpose room with their unique, retractable, floating tables and a patio space that could double as a brick alleyway. The venue is located just round the corner from London Fields and Broadway Market plus is a short walk from Hackney and Bethnal Green. Only large budget, commercial enquiries are considered. Only available weekday nights and weekends. To enquire, please email secondhome@filmfixer.co.uk or call 020 3904 4545. [TAGS: Privlocs]

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Location Category

  • BUSINESSES / BUILDINGS - Offices / Office Buildings

Architecture Style

  • Contemporary / 21st Cent