East London Warehouse

Bromley-by-Bow. London, E3 GB /

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Location Description

This 1.8 acre site in East London sits on the River Lea and was built in the 1930s for importers of wine, sherry and port. The warehouse offers six floors of space with each floor ranging between 20-50,000 sqft. The building is framed in reinforced steel with a grid of in-situ columns and has a rooftop with spectacular London views. This location would be ideal for a car chase, a clandestine meeting between spies or a gangster meet-up place. To enquire, please contact locations@filmfixer.co.uk or call 020 3904 4545. [TAGS: Privlocs]

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Location Category

  • BUSINESSES / BUILDINGS - [general]
  • INDUSTRIAL - [general]
  • INDUSTRIAL - Factories / Plants / Mills
  • INDUSTRIAL - Warehouses

Architecture Style

  • Period 1920s - 1930s