Kingston University - Penrhyn Road

Penrhyn Road . Kingston upon Thames, KT1 2EE GB /

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Location Description

Kingston University, Penrhyn Road campus has a variety of spaces that can easily accommodate film productions of any size. Some of the many spaces available for filming include: libraries, offices, lecture theatres, canteens, bars, classrooms, stairways, rooftops, common rooms, dance studios and more. As well as numerous interior locations, this campus also features sweeping glass exteriors, giving it a city feel, as well as areas that can double as paved squares. To facilitate filming on site, Kingston University can supply countless green room options as well as unit base options across their campuses. For more information, please email locations@filmfixer.co.uk or call 020 3904 4545. [TAGS: Privlocs, modern, unique, architecture, lecture, lecture hall, hall, high ceiling, projection, lights, stage, open, open space, rooftop, grass, nature, 6 floors, 7 floors, class, classroom, classrooms, desk, desks, chairs, teacher, teaching, corridor, shower, showers, bathroom, bathrooms, dining hall, food hall, library, books, bench, parking, parking lot, café, cafe, colourful ]

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  • AUDITORIUMS / THEATERS - Auditoriums / Arenas
  • AUDITORIUMS / THEATERS - Meeting Rooms
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Architecture Style

  • Contemporary / 21st Cent
  • High-Tech / Futuristic