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Gassaway Mansion
Greenville, South Carolina US
Location ID: #027-10000770
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Filled with the exuberance and prosperity of the roaring 20's. One mile from Main Street Greenville, the Gassaway Mansion is the largest house in the Upstate and is listed on The National Register of Historic Places. A grand mahogany staircase, Waterford Crystal chandeliers, Italian tile and walls covered in mahogany and cherry woodwork, fills this stone castle like structure that would impress even Cinderella.
Parrott House
Roseburg, Oregon US
Location ID: #051-10001884
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Historic 1891 Queen Anne farmhouse has been turned into a restaurant. The house has round tower and porch; gables; small brick chimney; on large lot with lawn and cement walkway; in very rural area. 3 story octagonal tower with a conical, bracketed roof; porch and balcony around two sides of octagonal tower; eastlake tradition details; on 2 1/2 acres of land with period plantings"; grass and trees"
Flavel House Museum
Astoria, Oregon US
Location ID: #051-10001861
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Historic Queen Anne house encompassing entire city block; dead end street; park like grounds; hipped roof; balconies and verandas; 4th story cupola; located across from old county jail and courthouse used in Goonies""
Stono River Home
Johns Island, South Carolina US
Location ID: #027-10143103
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Large contemporary home on John's Island on the Stono River with pool, dock, porches, large interiors and very large front yard.
Calkins House/Cannabis Bliss
Eugene, Oregon US
Location ID: #051-10001855
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beautiful Victorian; wrap around porch and veranda with latticework below; wood railed porch with pillars; shiplap and fish scale siding; multiple gables; tower; grass and tall fir tree; sidewalk; small parking lot behind with large houses down street
House #10001822
Eugene, Oregon US
Location ID: #051-10001822
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Asphalt path; green grass; landscaped yard; tall conifer trees on hillside behind; very elaborate 2-story Victorian house with lots of ornate detailing; hexagonal tower; dormers; large porch; fish scale siding; decorated for Christmas
White House B&B
Portland, Oregon US
Location ID: #051-10004362
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Large colonial 2-story home; huge columns in front; circular driveway with fountain; carriage house to the left with french doors; sidewalk with grass lawn; lantern light; trees
Fort Walker Estate
Hilton Head, South Carolina US
Location ID: #027-10000731
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Five Oaks Estate
Greer, South Carolina US
Location ID: #027-10000766
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Edmondston-Alston House
Charleston, South Carolina US
Location ID: #027-10000755
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Falls of Rough Resort
Falls Of Rough, Kentucky US
Location ID: #061-10128596
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The Falls of Rough Resort & Lafayette Golf Course are situated on 250+ acres. The Falls of Rough Resort consists of the Green Mansion that was built in 1823 and is in great condition. There are also 10 cabins that are well appointed and near by. The Lafayette Golf Course is an 18-hole golf course and club house that isn't too far from the Green Mansion. This isolated setting makes it an ideal location for filming. The Green Mansion would be great for Civil War period movies as well.
Bradenburg, Kentucky US
Location ID: #061-10093059
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Meade County highlights everything that's great about rural living, but with all the benefits and amenities offered by larger urban settings. We offer history, entertainment, scenery and culture.
Community of St. John Baptist: Convent and St. Marguerite's Retreat House
Mendham Township, New Jersey US
Location ID: #097-10158281
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Hoover House
Leonora, Western Australia AU
Location ID: #084-10151533
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Hoover House is typical of the expansive style of home built for senior mine management in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The site was chosen in 1898 by the first general manager of the Sons of Gwalia mine, Herbert Hoover, and its construction commenced under his direction, although he was transferred to China before the building was finished. Hoover, who was later to become the 31st President of the United States of America, visited the area several times after returning to Australia ...
Zero Water Street Inn
Charleston, South Carolina US
Location ID: #027-10000614
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Zero Water Street is a stunning 1,400 square foot luxury penthouse accommodation located directly on Charleston's famous "High Battery" and overlooks Charleston Harbor and Fort Sumter.
Dantzler Plantation
Holly Hill, South Carolina US
Location ID: #027-10001154
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Built about 1846–1850, and is a two-story, frame raised cottage in the Greek Revival style.
Greenwood, Mississippi US
Location ID: #031-10097296
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The Old South in all its splendor was revived when this French Colonial home was completed in 1957. The original owners named the home 'Bellashon' after a 1648 Virginia mansion owned by the original owners family. The home boasts 8 columns along the huge front porch and is approximately 9,000 square feet and contains 5 bedrooms, 5 full bathrooms and 3 half bathrooms. Contains a formal Parlor with the original wall to wall oriental rug. The Parlor boasts silk drapes duplicated of those ...
Randolph County Home
Trinity, North Carolina US
Location ID: #062-10043039
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Calvert City
Calvert City, Kentucky US
Location ID: #061-10093146
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Calvert City is a quiet community of almost 3000 people strategically located along the Tennessee River in Western Kentucky. Named for Potilla Calvert, a wealthy landowner whose land gift to the railroad in 1860 provided vital transportation opportunity and encouraged the town’s development, Calvert City was incorporated March 18, 1871 Calvert City is the hub of surface transportation. The City is the northern terminus of the Julian M. Carroll Purchase Parkway, providing a link to ...
California, Kentucky US
Location ID: #061-10093080
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California is a Home rule class city in Campbell County, Kentucky, United States. The population was 90 at the 2010 census.
Lake Cumberland Mansion
Somerset, Kentucky US
Location ID: #061-10149671
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The house is on the Lake Cumberland with water features inside and out. 3 levels including high rain curtain from ceiling to the basement.
Butler-Turpin House Museum
Carrollton, Kentucky US
Location ID: #061-10054764
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With a commanding view of the Ohio River Valley the restored home built in 1859, in the Greek Revival style, displays military documents, furniture and objects original to the Butler family. The house, built of native masonry construction, is a traditional four over four with center hallways, retaining nearly all of its original features. Plain and fancy describes this fine old country home with its simplistic façade but grand interior details.
Wentworth Mansion Bed & Breakfast
Charleston, South Carolina US
Location ID: #027-10003478
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The Wentworth Mansion® is, quite simply, one of the world's finest and most unique inns, as well as a pristine example of America's Gilded Age. Designed not as a lodging house, but as an opulent private residence, it is a place of hand-carved marble fireplaces…intricate woodwork…Tiffany stained glass windows…and never-ending detail.
Chapman Estate
Camden, South Carolina US
Location ID: #027-10000737
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Chancefield Estate
Camden, South Carolina US
Location ID: #027-10000736
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House #10000280
Wilmington, North Carolina US
Location ID: #003-10000280
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Boykin Mill Road House (Estate)
Rembert, South Carolina US
Location ID: #027-10000699
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Blanchard Mansion
South Orange, New Jersey US
Location ID: #097-10159139
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Built in 1924. This captivating Georgian brick mansion has over 13,000 sf, 5-bedrooms and 4.2-bathrooms sits on 2 acres of private, stunning property, with restricted street outlet. Reminiscent of The Gilded Age, this stately residence evokes images of glamorous entertaining & unsurpassed comfort. A one-of-a-kind spectacular home. Scenic, mountain ridge back drop, portico with (6) 30 ft. pillars and 100 ft. terrace adjoining a 20-20 veranda with New York City skyline views. central hall and ...
Bibb House Museum
Russellville, Kentucky US
Location ID: #061-10038382
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Historic Russellville, Inc. maintains the Bibb House, a House Museum built in 1820 as the townhouse of Revolutionary War Major Richard Bibb who freed twenty-nine of his slaves in 1829 and paid for their passage to Liberia and who then provided for the liberation of his remaining slaves by his will at his death in 1839. The Palladian style home is an excellent example of the fine, early architecture of Kentucky and is furnished with perios antiques. It demonstrates the lifestyle and customs ...
Bell House
Lexington, Kentucky US
Location ID: #061-10084197
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The Bell House’s legacy began with its construction by prominent Lexingtonian David A. Sayre along with noted architect Thomas Lewinski in 1845. Lewinski also designed other recognized landmarks in the Lexington area including: Clay Villa, the reconstruction of Ashland, Cassius Clay’s White Hall and the Henry Clay monument. Once constructed, the estate was purchased by Sayre’s business partner, Henry Bell which was passed down to his son, Davis David Bell, upon his death in 1883. It was then ...